Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Why.

I recently went to a small business seminar put together by an organization called Vend Raleigh . It was very informative to say the least. And I am still processing all of the information gained, and trying to implement them into my business.

One of the things discussed was the very personal reasons behind the why you have your business.
These are my why.

What actually started out as a happy accident when I decided one day, I want to make a vase! And then it turned out kinda neat - leading to months of experimenting better techniques - making it up as I went

It gave me a hobby, something to do when the girls were having naptime. And this whole entire creative side of me that I wasn't even entirely sure was there - well.. it was there!

And then came the little, very very little bit of extra money. My confidence growing - OTHER PEOPLE like this TOO!!

And the sheer love loooove of this artwork, of getting my hands dirty, of creating something beautiful that someone may want in their home -how cool! And my kids saw that and they love this about their Mom. They say I am an artist. And even though I am still working on calling myself that, when I hear them say it, I get chills.

And I know, without any shadow of a doubt, that if I didn't have the full and unending support of my husband, that I could not be doing this.

Here we are a few weeks ago:

My family is my Why.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

One of a kind.

I have been really trying hard to focus on creating more one of a kind pieces, and the above picture is an example. It can be found HERE.

They don't make good "practical" business sense, and they are probably the opposite of what I "should" be doing.

Because if they don't sell, well, I would have "wasted" money, in creating the piece, and the time in making it.

But, I feel that I have been in such a cycle of creating the "same old things" and the filling of orders, that it took me out of my creativity for a while.

And I love each piece I make, and when I get an order - - whether is is something I have made a dozen times, or something I have only made once -- I love making them. But, there is just something to be said for creating that which I have not made before - or will again.

So let this be a lesson for me. To not let me lose the creativity, that I sometimes have to search for to find.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The story of 3 bottles and this blog

These bottles have been sitting on a shelf in my office, in their original glass form, glaring at me, for quite some time. Me, with an idea of what to do with them, but of the just "not getting around to it."

Much like this blog. I have always had ideas for it. Ideas for posts, my thoughts, what is happening. But, there is just no follow through. I recently attended a small business seminar. And it is time to put some actions behind my thoughts.

I started with these bottles. I turned them into a trio of bottle vases, painted them happy colors that make me smile.

And then I turned to this blog, and here I am, after a too long hiatus. Let's see if my good intentions will have some follow through.

Thank you for reading along, and I hope this finds you well!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Combining my love of FREE ways to decorate my house, my love of the beach, and my love of my family equals this large piece of wall art that now hangs in my livingroom. Collected over many walks on the beach, this feels like the perfect fit for my coastal-inspired home. If you like it, and you are lucky enough to live near the beach (I don't....but I like to pretend I do!) I promise it is super easy to make, just add some hooks to the back of each piece, and voila, there you have it!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Better Homes and Gardens - February 2014 - Yellow Ombre Vase - Kristin Malaer

I am so excited to share the news that my Yellow Ombre Vase is featured in the February 2014 issue of Better Homes and Gardens! They actually contacted me though Brika, working with Brika has been a true pleasure!

This month is also my 4 year anniversary of selling my vases. What a ride it has been! I have learned a lot, had many ups and downs, but I love this job!

Balancing family life and putting work away when the kids get home has been an ongoing challenge for me, but one that I feel I am getting much better at. But, there is always room to grow!

Thank you to my customers - past, present, and future - I obviously wouldn't be doing this without you!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Our New Old House

Someone told me once, "Once your kids start school, you will be amazed at how quickly the time goes." And that could not be more true. The time goes so fast. Emily, my little Emily, is now 6 years old and in the first grade. Allison is in second. I can't even wrap my head around it.

And life is busy. Etsy is keeping me busy, and I love it so much. It can literally bring tears to my eyes the amount of joy I get from being able to send my creations around the world. And that people still like my work enough to spend their hard earned money on it.

And I am busy in the girls school. I am in school volunteering every other day, as well as help in the library every Friday. I know that the time is fleeting. They won't always need or even want parent volunteers in the classroom. But while they do, I will be there.

And that picture above is our new house.. Our new old house. I love it. It needs a lot of work, but with some elbow grease and thrifty shopping, I think we can make it shine.

Thanks for stopping by! October already? Wow! And November is even knocking on the door!

Hope you are great!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Emily turns 6

I won't state the obvious, it has been a while since my last post. A lot has been going on that has taken my attention elsewhere, but one of those has been Emily turned 6.

I have said it before, I will say it again, Time really does fly. This photo was taken on her birthday weekend at Myrtle Beach, SC.

My little baby is six. Wow.