Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kindergarten and First Grade

Can you even believe that my kids are in school already?

Yup. Little Emily is in kindergarten. She started last week. And Allison is in first and yesterday marked her first day of her third week.

We chose the year round school option for the girls here in North Carolina. Which means that instead of one large summer break - they get their breaks throughout the year. I have heard good things about this school schedule and I am hoping we like it!

I have been largely absent from my blog with the moving, unpacking, organizing, etc. And I am desperately trying to get my shop going again. It seems I pretty much fell off of the map with not listing for so long.

Not to mention that as soon as I pick up the girls from school, I am trying to fit in summer activities - like swimming for example. After all, it is still summer. They may be in school, but it is still summer.

I hope to be around and catch up on all your wonderful blogs soon.

Thanks for stopping by!