Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I want you, pool.

Check this pool out. Don't you want to just dive right in? Swimming is my favorite form of exercise and play. I remember swimming in our pool growing up in Connecticut. I would bring a boom box outside, play some 80's music (hey, it was the 80's) and do underwater dance routines. And then I would pretend that there was a shark in the pool and I would have to swim as fast as I could to the edge, climb out and pray that the shark wouldn't bite my leg as I was struggling to get out. and I wouldn't go back into the pool for the rest of the day for fear the shark would get me. Yah. I had an "active" imagination. ANYWAY.

This house/pool is located in an area of San Antonio that we are currently looking at....This part of town is family friendly with a great school district. It is not too far from Austin, which I am fond of...or the college that I want to go to get my masters, once the girls are in school. We are heading out of town on Friday and we want to see this house face to face. I hope it is located within a short distance to a book store. I just love bookstores. Just the smell of them..well, and the books. the books are nice too. And bagels. I love bagels... but, that is besides the point. A bagel bookstore. I would go there. ANYWAY.

With any luck..this house will still be on the market when we sell our current house and our house in is just the perfect pool for the sharks to chase me.

Take Care,


Kat said...

I want that pool too and it's sounds like a great place to live. I know you guys are going to find the perfect place (even if it's not that one) just for you and when you do the girls and I are coming to visit. I miss you guys so much xoxo!

Heliotrope Tree House said...

Wow, Kristen! I didn't know you were moving! It seems like you only moved out to Texas yesterday. This house looks absolutely beautiful. And the pool...breathtaking! Good luck with everything and keep us posted on the house-hunt! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous! Good luck with the house hunt and the move!

BeadedTail said...

That pool is beautiful! Hope all goes well with your house hunt and move! My husband's job moved to Austin last month but we didn't. Maybe if I had knew they had pools like that down there we might have changed our mind!

Abby said...

Ok. I've always felt we were kindred spirits, but after reading this post, I'm convinced that we're twin sisters separated at birth.

If you ever pretended to be the Little Mermaid, and did the Ariel thing where she came up from underwater and tossed her hair back in slow motion, then you have only solidified the long-lost-sister theory.

Abby (your long lost sister)

B Boys Mom said...

What a beautiful year. I could just see you and the girls out there swimming from the shark :)