Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Last week as a 2 year old.

And yesterday I used a blue marker as lipstick.

And today, my sister gave me a face full of mud. (yes, Allison was in trouble for this!)

Life can be tough, but, I hear my birthday party is going to be pretty sweet.
Pictures to come next week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That's my baby

Kind of a hard to see picture, but..

That is Allison, my sweet four year old. She had her end of year program at her school last night. That's her, walking out, looking for us in the audience.. She saw us about 30 seconds after this picture was taken and her whole face just lit up.. it was a very sweet moment..

They showed a slideshow of pictures set to music for each class in the school.. I kept whispering to my husband that I was sure I was going to cry.. somehow, miraculously, I held it together. Crying is for next year, when she'll wear a yellow cap and gown...and no, I will not hold it together then.. I am a sappy, sappy mommy, yes i am.

Oh - and thanks for all of the sweet birthday wishes.. It was a great day.. a little introspective, but I need that every so often.. and spent with my family, so, couldn't ask for it better than that.

Take Care,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's my Birthday!

That's Me!

I'm 33 and I am thankful for life.
I love being a mother, love being a wife.

I look to the future and am excited to see..
what is awaiting..
who my children will be..

These days pass so quickly -
spread to weeks, turn to years..
There has been lots of laughter,
sprinkled with tears.

I hold my parents in the utmost highest regard,
they raised me so well,
and have worked so hard.

Today, I think of who in my life I have lost.
My Pops passed away
and I miss him so much.

My Great Grandma Mary,
she was so important in our lives..
I can still see her face
when I close my eyes.

I don't remember my Mom's Dad..
he held me as a baby..
I have that picture, but sadly - no memory.

I sometimes can't believe I have reached 33,
that number seems so old, when you are thirteen..
and I am still somewhere inside - that prepubescent teen -
that can cry when I think others are being mean..

ha.. I still have that awkwardness and self doubt..
I still am in the process of figuring me out.

But I feel good in my thirties.. I feel strong, I feel proud.
I think it is okay, that I am not totally found.

There are some things that I inherently know.
That, wherever I travel, wherever I go..
I have the love of my parents, my Nana, to guide me..
my brothers will always be there and behind me..

My Husband is my rock, my best friend, my other half..
my kids are my sweeties, always making me laugh..

I want nothing more to be for my family..
what my first family was to me..
a great place to come home to..
A great place to just be.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A New Idea for my Shop

A couple posts back, I mentioned that a friend of mine commissioned me to do a mosaic for a gift for her friend. She gave me a picture of her friend's baby's bedding and wanted me to do the piece based on that. Check it out below!

I am thrilled with the way it turned out. The picture below is the picture of the bedding she gave me.

And I put a custom listing in my shop, I think it would make a great gift, and hope others will also! I actually think it is such a cute idea, I mean.. when you pack up all of the baby's bedding when they outgrow their crib, you can still have the reminder of it, hanging on your wall..

Would you do me a favor and read the listing HERE I am not sure on the wording, and hope that it all makes sense... would you tell me if it does?

Thanks so much, friends!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A giveaway - The Write It Out Project

I was asked to participate in a give-away by a sweet lady named Jocelyn a few days ago. The give-away has been posted and please go HERE to enter for your chance to win.. there are LOTS of wonderful items from various Etsy Shops, including a JOY mosaic from moi.

The give-away is to support the Write-it-out project.. which you can learn about HERE. It is an important cause.. to give handmade journals to grieving military widows.

Please, Check it out.. and have a Happy Friday..

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This was taken last week..and it accurately describes the girls relationship right now. They get along famously. They pretend play together all day long.. they use their manners with each other (although, I would be lying if I didn't tell you that they do have combative moments..) but, for the most part.. it is smooth sailing. They always hug and kiss each other goodnight, good morning, goodbye (when Allie goes off to school) and of course, hello, when she comes home.

How do I keep this good thing going? Am I going to hit a hideously awful rough patch? I guess, only time will tell.. but if anyone who has been through this wants to share their experience.. I am all ears.

Until then.. I will just enjoy these huggable moments!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Etsy and news about my Husband!!

Having my shop open in Etsy again..for exactly one week today, by the way.. has really made me miss having a shop in Etsy and I am so glad I am back! I just listed the above Live and Love Mosaic and I am going to list the daisies below tomorrow..

And I am really excited.. a friend of mine commissioned me to do a custom piece for a baby's room.. so, I will be off to the store this afternoon to purchase the frame for it.

And How was Mother's Day for all your mommies out there? We had a nice visit in San Antonio with my parents and brother's family.. I will post some pictures, just haven't downloaded them yet!

And in other news.. My hubby graduated college this past weekend.. I am so proud of him, it was a long time coming..and he has worked so hard for it.

He is such a good man. I could not think of a better father for my children or husband for me. And even though he has been the sole provider for the past 4 years, he has not given up on obtaining his degree. He has worked tirelessly semester after semester, studying on nights and weekends, all the while doing more than his part helping with the kids.. getting up in the middle of the nights to care for them.. and me.. through 2 pregnancies.. I was not always a bundle of joy myself.. but, he did it. He inspires me to be a better person..
So thank you to my husband, congratulations and I love you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Dragonfly and a Kitchen Towel.

I did my first dragonfly yesterday.. I think it turned out ok. I didn't have any other painted glass ready, besides these colors, but next time, I want to try different colors. That was an awkward sentence, wasn't it? Let me reread it.
Yes, it was.

This morning was a Mother's Day Tea party at my daughter's preschool. Hmmm.. come to think of it.. I didn't have any tea, nor am I even sure that any was there.. but I did have a croissant and some orange juice. And Allison gifted me with this kitchen towel..

I dare not use it.. and ruin those adorable handprints?
Not a chance!

Have a happy day,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Relearning Etsy and Twitter

Faith - a faux glass mosaic

Just what the title of this post says, that is what I am doing this week. My husband has managed to fix all that was making my computer act wonky. Much if it was my fault.. you see, whenever a box would pop up asking me to update whatever new file needed updating.. like.. anti-virus protection.. I would click "no" because I lack patience. ha. This, you see.. is not what you need to be doing in order to keep your computer virus-free. So, my computer was very, very sick, to say the least.

It caused me to abort my facebook page, curb my email use, etc. I just hated to get on my computer. But, now folks, I am back. I have gotten into the habit of doing without my computer, that now I don't even think about it, but I hope to get back into the swing of things.

I am going to spend some time today and visit your blogs, see what is new in your lives. I also created a twitter account. If you are on twitter, please follow me at
KJPM Now, I just need to remember how to get a twitter button.

Oh, and last but not least - I finally opened my Etsy Store - Yesterday! Now, I have to re-learn how to put my Etsy shop on my side bar... I literally forgot how to do everything, I have been out of the game for so long! That Faith piece above was my last listing last night. I hope to list new items every Monday...I think what I am going to do is have a to-do list for everyday.. so, I don't overwhelm myself or feel like I am not doing enough.. or doing too much.. Did that make sense?
Balance.. that is what I am aiming for!

Take Care, folks... see you soon!