Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Last week as a 2 year old.

And yesterday I used a blue marker as lipstick.

And today, my sister gave me a face full of mud. (yes, Allison was in trouble for this!)

Life can be tough, but, I hear my birthday party is going to be pretty sweet.
Pictures to come next week!


Abby said...

Oh MY! Don't worry---just think of it as an inexpensive mud mask. Every girl needs a day at the spa (even if it's forced on her!) LOL

Happy (Early) birthday to your precious little one! ♥

PS: Necklace for the swap---gold or silver? I'm thinking of doing a long chain necklace with green gemstones of some sort. You like?

BeadedTail said...

What a fun way to spend your last week as a 2 year old! Hope your birthday party is just as fun!

Duni said...

OMG - those pics are adorable!!!
Happy celebrating :)

p.s.I'm finally on FB now. Where can I find you?
You can find me under my full name
Dunja Buesken or my page
Duni Buesken Handmade

hope to see you there!

Lenox Knits said...

Poor thing. Hopefully three will be a turn around for her. Happy birthday wishes and hope you have a very fun b-day party.

Alicia said...

She looks so much like you, KP. So much.

Birthday, birthday, birthday! I love birthdays; can ya tell?

cyndyava said...

Oh no!!! I am laughing out loud over here. My girl and I are home sick with strep! And you just made my day with these photos! Thank you, Friedn. Ah, are growing up quickly, my dear! Hope to meet you, your sis, daddy, and beautiful Mama some day...

Kat said...

She is adorable! I love the mud picture even though she is clearly is good for the skin. Alyssa is having her final month as a two year old. We'll have to do a mini celebration while you're here. Speaking of I can't wait! We have to chat soon to work out all the details. You're all getting huge hugs and lots of kisses.