Friday, July 30, 2010

She's Breaking Out of her Shyness.

A year ago, Allison never would have went onstage at a magic show. Never, not ever ever. But, she did just that when we were on vacation. The magician picked her and said that he was going to turn her into a bunny. Here he is talking to her, asking her what her name and age is, and she spoke up, clearly - loudly.. It was a proud moment for her Daddy and Me.

Then - he turned her into a bunny!

It was very cute.

Thanks for your help yesterday.. with my what is this square thingy on my blog.. I think I will be changing up my blog background until I get that right feel.

I have been busy...doing projects around the house, art with the girls.. I will post what I have been up to soon!


Abby said...

What a proud moment!! I'll bet that was a cute trick. And your new blog looks fantastic! :0)

Kat said...

Can't wait to see what you've been up to. Yay for Allison too! Very brave. I'm not sure I'd go up on stage with a magician.

By the way I love the new picture of the girls on your blog.

It made my day to talk to you today. Hope you're a little happier. xoxo~miss you!

Brittany E. said...

I just launched my little design blog buisness and while I am officially launch, I'd be happy to work on your blog for free to get more practice. Won't hurt my feelings if you rather I not! But if you want me to you could email me at I havent talked to you on here in forever!

blueviolet said...

His trick with her is just the cutest thing! I'm glad she's developing a stage confidence!

BeadedTail said...

She is a very cute bunny! I can imagine how proud you were of her going up there and what a fun memory for her too!