Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dating Site Review Site and Wix

I probably won't ever create my own website, but if I did.... I would read a review of Wix, so I could make a decision whether to go with them or not. They have plans from the free plan up to 24.90 a month. The free option would be the one I started with if I ever decide to go that route.

Have you seen that commercial for one of the dating websites? I saw it just the other night.. I forget which one, but they are having some 2 week try it for free promotion, and I said to my husband.. We should do that! I said - I have been meaning to meet someone - you know, start getting out there.. I have been out of the dating scene for so long! (We have been married for 10 years!) and he said.. Yeah.. we should do that - so we could get matched with each other! Aw.. sweetie. Obviously, we were joking - no, I am not looking to date - it is hard enough to schedule date nights with my own husband! :)

Thank you, personal story segway into - This is where you need to go for the best dating websites! And maybe it was a commercial that we saw - I can't remember but - this is the place to go for a review!

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blueviolet said...

My daughter found her now fiancee from a dating site online!