Sunday, October 24, 2010

Look at those faces!

Carving the pumpkin is fun and all, but my favorite part is the eating of the pumpkin seeds.. yum yum.

If I seem out of the blogging game lately.. it will only be for a short while.. I promise to hop back on once a week or so... But, we are so ridiculously busy with getting our house ready to list.

I know, I know.. Your thinking - Gee, Kristin! What a great time to put your house on the market! Just before the holidays! Good for You!! (Sarcasm)

I know, i agree with you.. but, hey... we just want to give our house plenty of time to sell.. so, we are choosing to list it - yes - just as soon as we are ready.. which is a little less than a month from now -

So - with that - I am off to finish boxing some things up, then on to paint the hallway, then on to paint the office, and girls room, box up some kitchen stuff, etc, and so on and so forth.

Wish me LUCK!


BeadedTail said...

Very cute picture! You always capture the best moments!

Best of luck getting your house ready to list and I hope it sells quickly!

Anonymous said...

Wow...they look so excited!!! I miss having that feeling about everything. I'm sure you get to feel it all over again looking at them every day:) Can't wait for kids! Good luck getting it done- I'll be thinking about you as I do much of the same!

Kat said...

I could kiss those faces! I love pumpkin carving but the seeds not so much. I know you are super busy getting your house ready but I would love and could really use a chat with you! Hopefully soon xoxo!

B Boys Mom said...

Good luck to you! They say staging is very important.

CB said...

Oh yummy, I love pumpkin seeds! I put cinnamon on mine with a little sugar.

CB said...

Hey you have gotten a generosity award, yup I'm doing it again this year. ;) I need your address, as well as the month you and your family members were born.