Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh, folks.

What a weekend, what a Monday, what a week....

Have I ever told you that where we live now (West Texas) is not our final destination? Oooh.. did that sound at all morbid? Not what I mean.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know much about me and my fam.. We moved from the lovely and much missed State of NC, back to Texas.. "back to" because my husband and I met and married here while we were both attending college.. and then we moved to NC for employment reasons.. I had family there, we loved it.. we took that leap. No jobs, just hope.. can't live on hope.. lived with my parents... 3 months later, we found jobs.. we moved to a different part of NC than my parents.. we lived there for 7 years.. Moved BACK to Texas 2 years ago.. (ok.. 2 years ago December 4th, but who's counting?) again, for employment reasons.. My husband sort of has to do some time here in this city, before we can move on to the area of Texas that we really want to live in.

I know, kind of confusing.. or is it? And if you read all of that - thanks for sticking it out!

So.. The long and short of it - we are looking to move after the new year. It seems like the job My hubs wants is opening then. We shall see.. and hope. and hope. and pray. And We have a realtor coming on Thursday. My husband spent the weekend fixing our fence, I would say "mending the fence" but that would sound so "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas" And if you haven't seen that - see it - It is a Christmas tradition! And I spent the weekend painting 2 rooms. And the girls spent the weekend in imaginary play - I think they maybe watched 2 hours of TV the whole weekend - It seems the gap between their ages is closing so quickly - that they are like equal playmates - almost.. they have their moments. But, I think little Emily has worked hard on doing all of the things that Allison can do. And when, she can't do it, she just changes the subject or fakes it. Ha.

So, my week will be a busy one. Thursday I will find some time to breathe - maybe after the realtor leaves and we have a list of what is recommended we do, how much our home is worth in the state of the current and FABULOUS market(sarcasm).. and so on..

oh.. and how do you paid bloggers do it? I have done a few paid posts. They don't come easy for me, ahem - you may have noticed. I don't like to talk about something that I don't have the least bit of knowledge about, so I have not been accepting many jobs. I have one that is waiting for me to finish.. ugh.. and I am dreading it. Prepare for a blog post that just may hurt your eyes to read. Was I even allowed to say that? You never read anyone talking about paid posting..maybe this will get me kicked out of the club. I am clueless.



jenn said...

When I first started doing the paid posts, I wrote a post telling my readers to read every other post if the paid ones bothered them. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon enough. Which companies are you working for? IZEA has the most variety, in my opinion.

blueviolet said...

I love moving, like really, really love it, but this last one about killed me. I need to stay put for a minute. Good luck working toward your final resting place!

PS. I hardly ever do paid posts because it's hard to not come across like a total ad.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Are you moving to East Texas :)

Maybe you could approach the paid posts like a creative writing assignment for school?

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like we are in the same boat. M and I have been painting and fixing away, and it seems that our move is definite for January now. Good luck to you with it! And good luck on the paid post. Sounds kind of intriguing, even though writing for fun is so much different and easier.

Kat said...

I'm so glad you're getting close to be ready to move. I know you're anxious too. Once you find it...my girls and I are coming to visit for sure xoxo.

B Boys Mom said...

Good luck with all the house/move stuff. All that can be very stressful.

Sometimes the paid posts are hard to write. Just add a lot of fluff if you can. Sometimes 200 words can take forever to write on something you don't like or care about.

Duni said...

I just read this post and thought, 'wow'. You guys really have a lot on your agenda the coming weeks and months!
Speaking of painting...wanna come over to our place and paint the kitchen? LOL. That's on our agenda this autumn.

Good luck with EVERYTHING!!!

p.s. I didn't even realize you were doing paid posts :)