Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Mom wears scrubs and so did the husband.

My Mom is a nurse. So, she wears scrubs. When my husband worked as an X-ray assistant, back when we were dating, he wore scrubs. I envied him when he worked there because he always looked so comfortable. However, he said that he was not comfortable, because he didn't like to feel like he was in his pajamas at work. Ha, that always made me laugh. He no longer has a pajama-wearing job. But, my Mom does. She has been working as a nurse for over 30 years now. I think my Mom would think these hot pink scrubs are cute. Although, I don't think she can wear them. I think she has to wear a specific color depending on her unit.

Some people wear scrubs for the sheer comfort factor. I have met a few in my life. I must admit, I have contemplated doing that. I mean, who doesn't need some extra room in the waist after a big meal? Well, if you are wearing scrubs, well - problem solved. But, if I did that, I would be scared of what lie would come out of my mouth. Picture me walking into a store, in my scrubs, and someone ask, "Oh, are you a nurse?" I would then reply, "Why, yes, Yes, I am." (I am not.) But, seriously folks, how comfortable do medical uniform pants look.. am I right?

Maybe I should send Bobby (husband) back to his roots this Christmas. Maybe he would find so much joy opening up some scrubs on Christmas morning. Maybe he misses them, after years of not wearing them. Maybe I need to make a last minute gift purchase of some mens scrub uniforms. Hmmmm, we shall see.

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