Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kids at Play

The snowstorm gripping much of the country,
visited my house too, although on a much less severe level.
We got about an inch or so of ice and snow.
The kids like it for about 10 minutes, as per usual.
They don't do cold very well.

This one either. But that is to be expected.

He's not even wearing shoes.


BeadedTail said...

I heard it's pretty chilly in Texas but didn't realize you had that much snow! Sadie would enjoy it because we haven't had snow for months. Me? Not so much! Stay warm!

Duni said...

Tell me about it! haha. I can't wait for spring!!!

Anonymous said...

yea...I'd agree. It's more of wanting to go experience the novelty of it and then, once your body realizes how unpleasant the cold is, it's just not cool anymore!

Tammy said...

Did it take you longer to bundle them all up.

We ended up with 10 inches and it was very windy.

Kat said...

Oh please that's nothing :) My girls don't like the snow either. Me neither for that matter so my do I live in new england again. Look at the bright side at least you got a few pics in the snow. Spring hurry up and get here!