Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday.

To Me. Tomorrow, May 18th.

And I am putting up yet another picture from the beach.
This is me sans make-up, first thing in the morning, waking up to the waves.

I am brave to put this picture up. But this is me. As I grow older, I am working on fully accepting me for what I am. I want to age gracefully. I don't want to put myself down for a wrinkle here, or a pudgy thigh there. Or the fact that I will only grow shorter over time, when I am already a shorty standing 5'1".
I just want to live a life where I love me. I think we all get down on ourselves. And when I have those days, I want to be able to lift myself up.
.... steps of the soap box....

Anyway, Emily is in my arms in this picture. She still clings to me, at times, like her life depends on it. And this picture captures one of those moments. I cherish them because all too soon, these times will be just a memory.

Tonight we go see Allison graduate from pre-k. She will be wearing a yellow cap and gown. And I will be in the front row with a camera, video camera, and tissue. Because I will be balling.


BeadedTail said...

That's a such a sweet photo of you and Emily!

Happy Birthday to you tomorrow! I love that you are embracing getting older. I try to do that too and for the most part I'm successful. It's very freeing actually and I certainly feel much younger than I am so that's a good thing, right?

Congratulations to Allison for graduating from pre-k!

Alicia said...

I think we're all aging rather gracefully. I think maybe that comes from a happy life. Have a wonderful day today, Hon. Keep hugging that little girl as long as she'll let you.

Anonymous said...

Kristin you look wonderful! Happy b-day, and glad you all enjoyed your stay at the beach!

Heliotrope Tree House said...

You are so beautiful! My friend, I love and miss ya! Happy Birthday to you. We are two days apart in the month of May. I was on the 16th. I celebrated my 45th birthday. I too, am working on self-acceptance and love. What a wonderful feeling not to have those hang-ups, that we mostly impose on ourselves. Congratulations are in order to...for your little graduate. I cried my eyes out at J's Kindergarten graduation last year. Where does the time go?
I'm still following you, My Friend!
Love and Hugs, Cyndy