Saturday, July 9, 2011

About Taxes

So, I am already thinking about tax time for next year. We filed early this year, so we did not need a federal tax extension form thankfully, but it is there if you need it.

We have used TurboTax in the past, and I am wondering which tax software will be the best option for us. We sold a house and moved. This is the first year that I am filing for my business. I am filing at a loss, of course, but I am still filing. Although, it will not be a great loss, as my costs are so low, and the year is still early. Hmm.. or is the year still early? I don't know, maybe my shop will experience a boom nearing the end of the year. One can only hope.

Tax time always makes me nervous. I think we do everything right and the forms seem pretty strait-forward. Each year I think, "This will be the year that we bring our taxes in for a professional to do." But, every year, we do it online. We tried 2 tax software this year and each one seemed to calculate things a bit differently. One of them seemed to ask a lot of questions regarding our rental property in North Carolina, whereas the other one didn't seem to want to know much. We went with the one that asked more questions. It is like the other one didn't seem to want to get to know us, and was only talking about themself, so that date ended. : )

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