Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School for Emily!

I made it through Allison's first week of kindergarten last week unscathed! By Thursday, it felt like old hat. We were able to get in a groove and Allison just LOVES it! It was far less emotional for me than I thought it would be - thankfully, oh, thankfully! And now, this week, is Emily's turn.
Emily and I visited the zoo yesterday, albeit briefly, Emily was melting in the heat - she is so sweet.

And today she went off to preschool. Here she is standing by her cubby.

There were no tears, just a great big hug and a Bye, Mom! Turn around, and she was off! I see a trip to the toy store this afternoon - I am so proud of her, I can just burst.. she can have anything she wants... within reason. :)


BeadedTail said...

I'm glad that Allison loves school and it seems that Emily is going to as well! You have raised such sweet, beautiful little girls! It's wonderful they are spreading their little wings and learning new things at school that they can come home and tell you all about!

randomcreative said...

I'm so glad that things are going well for both of them with school!

Abby said...

What big girls you have!!! I know you're super proud. And wowie--both girls in school means plenty of Mommy time. What's on the agenda for YOU?

Anonymous said...

Oh, little Emily in preschool! How sweet. And now you have the house to yourself for a bit. Just what WILL you do with your time alone?;)