Friday, September 2, 2011

Flowers for Your Vases.

I have been thinking a lot lately about marketing my vases. I don't really know how to do this at all. I don't know how to reach my target market. I don't know who my target market is. I realize I need to do a lot of research. I was reading a forum on Etsy last night and it was talking about how you should write your descriptions in your listings. It said to talk less about the features of the product and more about the benefits. For example, in regards to my vases, I should talk less about what makes them different and more about why the buyer would like them, as in they are useful and cute. My head was spinning from the information. I can only handle little bits at a time.

I would love to partner up with a flower shop or a gift shop. I know I shop online when I send flowers to somebody. If I knew a single thing about flowers, maybe I can one day offer this. A one-stop shop for flowers and a vase. I would not know a single thing about running a successful flower shop. Although, nor would I want to. These online flower shops are laid out so well that you can choose the occasion and you really don't need to know a thing about flowers to successfully choose a gift.

And, I just like making my vases anyway. That's it. To be a success in also selling flowers, you would have to know a thing or two about flowers. Obviously. My knowledge of flowers runs as far as I can tell the difference between a Rose and a Daffodil and I *might* even get the daffodil wrong. Seriously.

Sure, I can educate myself about flowers, but that would take a whole lot more time than I am willing to give. I just would like to think that any customer who would find me would think on their own that this vase would be perfect for giving a gift of flowers. Although, maybe they just would think that it would be easier to go to the store and pick up a ready made flower bunch, already in a vase. The difference with my vase lies in the fact that after the flowers have died, and they all will die, that the recipient is left with a piece of art and not just a non-nondescript glass vase. But, I also would not want to limit my marketing to a gift-giver. I would want to market them to somebody just looking to add some decor to their home. So, you can see why I am so confused about who my target market is.
This is the tough part about selling online.


PoetessWug said...

It sounds to me like you feel about your vases the same way I feel about my crochet scarves and poetry! I just love to do it. I'd love someone else to come along and say to me: "Hey! I'd love to sell your scarves and maybe add your poetry to my...! I'll do the selling. You do the making and suppying, and we'll agree on what percentage we both get!!"...The chances of this happening?!...Slim to none! But a girl crocheting poet can dream!! LOL

randomcreative said...

Marketing is definitely not one of my strengths either, but you have a lot of good thought processes here. Have you used the Google Keyword Tool at all?

PatsyOx said...

I totally agree that selling online is confusing and difficult. Your vases are very nice and you seem determined and thorough so I'm sure you'll be quite successful. Good luck to you!