Monday, September 19, 2011

Share your Zenni Story

Did you know that I wear glasses? My current pair looks most like these, which I found off of a website that has quite the fashionable and attractive glasses for your choosing.

I only wear my glasses for about 2-3 hours at night, after I take my contacts out. It is shameful that I do this. I know that my contacts are not ideal for my eyes and I do need to take them out more to let my eyes breathe. Well, this just so happens to be the time of year that I think about getting new glasses. My yearly eye exam happens around this time and every year, I vow to take better care of my eyes. First, I need to find an eye Doctor and make an appointment. Since moving here 6 months ago, I have yet to do that. Every year, I cringe that my eyes have worsened, but for the past couple of years, they seem to be holding steady.

Glasses can be very expensive and who knew that you can actually get $6.95 prescription eyeglasses. Sounds too good to be true. It is true and there are some cute glasses that you can find within this price range! This website even has a try-on feature, where you can choose a face from a box on the right hand side of the webpage, and click on the frames and voila - how neat! Choose a face with a similar shape to yours and you are good to go!

If you choose to go this route with your next purchase of eyeglasses, you can even Share your Zenni story on their blog.

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Alicia said...

I totally want to order some of these! They have some really cute styles. Thanks, KP!