Monday, January 2, 2012

The Many Changes of 2012

Getting ready for the new year.

Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand.

We will face many challenges this year.

We are moving back to North Carolina. It was roughly 3 years ago that we moved from North Carolina to Texas, with a goal of getting to Austin, which is where we thought we would settle. Well, as fate would have it.. that would not be.

It is with a heavy heart that we have to leave Austin. We have truly enjoyed living here.

I am also letting myself get excited about going back to North Carolina. We will be moving back into the first home we shared as a family. The home that we brought the girls home from the hospital to..many of our neighbors are still there, so, it will be literally like.. going home again.

But there is also a pit in my stomach.. I love the school that Allison goes to. I love it, she loves it. Emily would have joined here there next year. Now, I just am FULL of worry, that the school we are moving to will be just as loved..

Bobby will be having to go back and forth to North Carolina, various trips around the country, one even to England, between now and the time we move. So, there will be times that we miss him so much.

And I have been so inspired here. I listed my first vase on Etsy in December 2010. 3 months later, we would move into this rental house, with walls of stucco and stone, the perfect background for my Stucco vases... what are the chances..
I even changed my shop name to Carriage Oak Cottage, paying homage to this house, which lives on a street with "Carriage" in its name..

And I have so many goals and hopes for my shop for the future, but part of me wonders if this inspiration will follow me.. or if I will leave it behind as the moving truck pulls from the driveway....

And with that... I will say.. that even though I am worried and anxious... I do know that everything happens for a reason, and that gives me comfort, and hope.
But, it's also ok to say that sometimes I am sad too.


Rose said...

I hope that the move will be a good one for you and your family. Change is never easy. Jake and I went through a lot of it this past year so I sympathize with that. I wish you and your family the best with this transition in every way possible and hope that you continue to find lots of inspiration in North Carolina.

BeadedTail said...

I'm sorry to hear you will be leaving Austin as I know how much you wanted to be there. I also believe that everything happens for a reason so I hope your time in North Carolina again will be wonderful. It's good you will be in a familiar home too. Best wishes to you and Bobby in your new adventures!

Duni said...

Dear Kristin,
wow...I thought you were settling down there too.
Everything does happen for a reason sweetie, you'll see.
Wishing you the very best for 2012!!
((hugs)) Duni

Anonymous said...

Things like this are always bittersweet. "Going home again" can mean a duality of thoughts and emotions both symbolizing moving backwards and forward. I know though that you have come to a place in your creativity that will not die unless you let it. I love the character that background has given to your photos, but remember that it is you that thought of doing them there in the first place. You will find your creative songs again in NC, because it's not the place, but the you!

Abby said...

First of all---LOVE the new look of your blog! I changed mine today, too. I just felt...inspired. :)

Secondly---I know how sad you must be to leave such a beautiful home!! But I, for one, am super excited about your move back to the Carolinas!!! :0D

Alicia said...

It's always ok to be sad. It's also wonderful that you're able to see the good parts of having to leave. I wish you all the best, and welcome back to the east coast! I'm hoping you'll at least get to miss this winter... it's SO COLD today. Ick.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Oh wow, it seems like you just got there, and now you're coming back. On a up note...will you be anywhere near me? Ok, that's an up note for me, maybe not you. lol

It'll be fine after you readjust, I'm sure of it.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I totally relate! I moved when my kids were little, in the middle of a school year. I LOVED their schools and mourned for a long time, (to a lesser and lesser extent as time passed).
My husband had to travel back and forth for a while. I even had movers who packed up and moved us while he was out of town. Then I drove my kids and our kitty to our new place.
But life worked out quite wonderfully after all. We moved to a city where I knew only a couple cousins, nobody, nothing else.
I do love it here!

Tammy said...

Change is never easy but I'm sure it will all work out for your family. It is a new adventure to a place you know. What do the girl's think of moving? Good luck to you.