Sunday, February 26, 2012


Are you on Pinterest?

I am! I have been using it to get some ideas for our house in North Carolina. I really need smart storage options, good office ideas, and ideas for the girls room. They really want bunk beds...

I also love all of the food ideas to be found and I find lots and lots from other peoples inspiration boards that then inspire me.. so follow ME and I will follow you!

I hope you are all great!

Mom Leaving

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

My mother just got remarried, and she is moving to Albuquerque with her new husband. Her and her husband have been dating for years, so we approve of him and are happy to welcome him to our family. I am a little worried about her moving because she has never lived apart from my sister and I. We are happy for her and hope she likes it, but we are going to miss her so much. Our new stepfather has a god job opportunity there, so we understand why they have to go, even though we don’t like it. Since he will be at work a lot, and mom will be home alone, we told her to look into Albuquerque alarm systems and get one set up. It makes us sad thinking about her being alone in the house all the time. We also worry that something will happen to her if any predators think that she is there alone. Maybe we are worrying for no reason, but this is a big change for us. We just want to take care of mom and make sure she is O.K.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blue Skies Again

I am so glad to see this sight.
I have had my share of water the past few days.

There was a leak in the plumbing in the slab of this house.
This meant that workers have been here everyday for the past 4 days, from 8am until 6pm.
On top of that, it has been pouring rain, which meant that much of the outside muck made it into the house, from shoes or various equipment being brought in. It has been a huge inconvenience, but I am happy to report that is behind me now.

And then came yesterday.
Mind you, it is still pouring rain.
I went to pick up Allie from a birthday party. I missed my turn. I went to turn around. I got stuck in the mud. My cars wheels spinning. I panicked. I had no cell service due to the storm. I had Jack and Emily in the car. And Bobby was a million miles away in North Carolina. I cried. Then I straightened up and put on my thinking cap.

I ripped branches off a nearby bush and I put them behind each tire. After I felt I had done enough. I backed out. I got us out. I cried again. tears of joy.

On the bright side of things, all of this rain has filled the dry stream bed in the front yard of the house.

And the girls playing in it is a priceless memory.

Sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good.
Happy Day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am sending my wonderful blog friends a virtual gift of this vase.. I went to publish the comments I received on my post yesterday and I accidentally deleted them... and I could not figure out if there was a way to recover them...

So thank you!! And I hope you like your virtual gift! :)

(To everyone else... this vase can be found for a real life purchase HERE)

This was a shameless promo, I know... lol... but the apology is real!

Happy Sunday, All!!!

PS: In case I do this again in the future, any way I can "un-do" the delete?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paint Storage

Hi Everyone!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks here.. Although our upcoming move back across the country is not happening for 3 more months, there is a lot of planning that has been needing to take place and the time to start is now...

We are downsizing our home by moving back, our house in NC has almost 1000 square feet less than this rental house here in Austin. We will be having garage sale to help fund our move and rid us of some clutter in the process, so I have been consumed in the daunting task of deciding what goes and what stays.

One thing I know for sure is that I will not be parting with my paint. No way.

I have found what works best for me, is being able to see my paint, each shade in view.

There are some bigger tubes, that don't easily stand up, that are behind the small containers of paint.

There are also some of my smaller already-stuccoed-but-not-yet-painted vases stuck behind the paint, waiting ever-so-patiently for me to be inspired to paint them.

About once a month or so, I have the girls lay out all of the paint on the floor and sort them by color, and put them back on the shelves. They loooove to do this for me, and I looooove them to do this for me.

But, it doesn't take long for me to jumble them up again, and Allison and Emily will no doubt whine and say "Moooom! You messed it up!" and then they excitedly say, "Can we sort them for you? Please? Please?"
Happy Weekend, Everyone!