Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are great!
Things here have been pretty busy.
I have taken on the arduous task of going through every single box in the garage, to prepare for an upcoming garage sale. It is a LOT a LOT of work.

Our house in NC is a lot smaller with much less storage space, so it is time to take a real honest look as to what we have and what we need or can not part with...
We are also getting rid of probably most of our furniture. We will purchase furniture in North Carolina that will better fit our home there.
We took a break yesterday to make some Banana cake. That is a picture of the girls before the kitchen took a turn for the worse - baking with the girls is always a fantastically messy experience!

And the cake turned out sooo yummy. I tried to take a picture of the actual finished product, but truthfully it looked terrible, so I would just rather you take my word for it.

And with that - Happy Sunday!


Kat said...

As long as it tasted yummy and you had fun making it who cares :) Love you guys!!!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I've had some sloppy but tasty cakes too. It all ends up mush in the belly!

BeadedTail said...

Your girls look so precious! Hope everything goes well getting ready for the garage sale!

Rose said...

Happy Sunday Kristin! Your girls are adorable as always. Best of luck preparing for your garage sale.

Duni said...

Cute pic :)
I know just how you feel about sorting all of your belongings. So hard to decide what to throw out ;-)
Good luck with your garage sale!!

Tammy said...

You have been busy. That has to be hard figuring out what to kept and what to get rid of. I wish I had cute helpers for baking like you do.

Anonymous said...

A break for something sweet is always a great time! Lovely photo of the girls:) Sounds like a LOT of work- both physically and mentally, but you'll get there!