Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It was a Happy Easter

Me, My Mom, and the girls.

It was a nice Easter.

And the night before was great too, Bobby and I saw the Toadies in concert. Great show, although, I should NOT have worn heels. Ouch.

And now it is back to the business of the week.
Allison has an Art Show at school tonight, followed by a music performance. Emily has Pre-K cap and gown pictures on Thursday (Yes, I will be crying!) and Allison has a field trip on Friday.
The weeks are flying by - zooming by. The end of May - moving day - will be here soon, and I can only hope my to-do list is completed.
But, it was nice to just take a weekend. This was the first weekend in a long time that I did not tackle some "moving project" which has really turned into a "garage sale project."

I tell you.. I can easily go to a garage sale - but putting one on ourselves is no joke. And this one is a big one. We are selling probably... 70 percent of our things. There is a lot of baby/toddler items that we have been carting around. It really is time to send them on their way. We are selling a lot of furniture - furniture that will not work in our space in North Carolina, and we just have no storage for them. And a ton of - Tchotchkes - (I have always loved that word) - I am not super big into knick knacks, lots of things on my shelves, etc.. I am more of a minimalist in that regard. I typically like to display a few sentimental pieces and a few pictures. So, going through box after box of things that I know will stay IN the box.. so why am I keeping them? So - off they go.

Thanks for the visit and reading about what is up with me. I am sure my blog friends are understanding that I am just not completely myself right now, with this moving stress and all... I will be around to see how you all are doing sooner than later, I know I am due for a visit.
Take care!


Duni said...

Adorable pic, Kristin :)
Packing and moving are one of my least favourite things :-/
Your girls have a lot going on too!
How was the Art Show/Performance?
Good luck with the garage sale!!

Alicia said...

Great picture! I'm so glad you got a weekend to de-stress. We seldom take the time to just enjoy a moment, a day. We're always so freakin' busy!

Rose said...

I'm glad that you had a good Easter. Great picture. Best of luck with everything!