Friday, June 29, 2012

The trouble with the porch

So, we were having a large screened-in porch added to the back of out house.

notice - the operative word "were"

Ya see.... the city granted us approval to build this porch, as well as our HOA. And lo and behold, as the contractor started his work - we heard rumblings in the neighborhood over a different neighbor having to remove her porch some years ago, as it encroached on the easement that is in the back of our yards. (There are some power lines running over our back yards on this side of the street)

So after numerous calls, and many wrong answers, I finally got the definitive answer yesterday afternoon giving me the exact measurements of what we need to steer clear of.

So, this large screened porch addition is nothing more than a dream.

I then decided to take charge of the situation and not feel so sorry for myself. I got online and searched for narrow porch ideas. I came upon this beautiful porch on

I created an account there to ask the width of this porch, and I was so so impressed. I received a more than thorough answer from the interior designer whose picture this was. Turns out - this porch is actually even a little narrower than the space we have to work with, but it really put my worried mind at ease, that this small of a porch can still be so inviting.

And we won't lose as much yard with this porch design, which will make Jack happy for he sure does love to run.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

North Carolina

We made it! We are finally home!

And it feels so good.

The girls and I had spent the last 2 weeks in Connecticut, visiting friends and family, while Bobby had stayed here and made some improvements to the house - all of which he surprised me with - I will save that for later - when I can include pictures, but I love LOVE what he did! I can't wait to show you!

The house is still a bit of a construction zone and we are not able to move most of our things in yet, but hopefully within a week, we will get it together. And I am looking forward to getting my office situated - I have some things to buy before I can really set it up - AND I need to dig out my supplies as well as my shop stock - before I can get my little etsy store going again - but it will come -

And I can't wait to catch up on my blog reading to find out what you all have been up to!

Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Today and Move Tomorrow

Emily is 5. My big girl. You all know how mushy and sentimental I can get... so I am going to save it for once..

Instead I will focus on the big day, which is finally upon us. Moving day is tomorrow.

We will head through Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and into North Carolina.

It seems like just yesterday that we made this reverse move. And many of you were here with me through that move as well.

We will only be staying in NC for a day to drop off our things, then me and the girls will be hanging out in Connecticut with my Nana, while Bobby is hanging back working, and overseeing some renovations to our home.

Please keep my family in your thoughts as we make this transition. And thank you for taking the time to read this, and virtually being there for me.

See you soon,