Friday, August 17, 2012

the buzz

What a whirlwind. This past month has seemed to go by in the blink of an eye yet also seemed to drag on forever. That makes no sense I know.

We had a little rough go of first grade there for a little while - Allison cried for a few days in a row complaining that first grade is just so hard. But then she seemingly bounced right out of that. I think this turnaround had to do with making more friends and not feeling like "an outsider" anymore. And she started cheerleading this week. She is the smallest on the team, and watching her learn at practice, stumbling her way through and winging it for most of the time (cheers are COMPLICATED) has just made my heart soar. The cuteness factor is almost too much.

Emily, on the other hand, has taken to kindergarten like a fish to water. And she was the one I was worried about. Emily, in all of her 5 years on this planet, has fully remained "Mommy's girl", always preferring me to Daddy, wanting to be near me, still wanting to be held a lot. She is just my baby. I thought, no way is she ready for kindergarten. My Baby? No way. But, I happily cheered her on, encouraged her, and tried to make this path free and clear for her to walk on easily. And she did. I constantly hear from her teachers how well she is doing - a great listener and a wonderful friend. My heart just melts.

I wish I had more time while they have been in school to work on my shop, learn more about promoting, and really throw myself into it. BUT we are still knee deep in our porch addition. You will not believe the red tape that is involved with this project. I am about to throw my hands up in the air, but I don't want to get into it here. So, much of my time has been filled with making this house back into our home. And it is getting there, it really is.

And I do have time to work on my shop, any available time I have - that is what I do. But I would like more of it. My blog sits largely neglected. I haven't visited my blog friends in a very long time. I don't twitter, Facebook, pinterest, and something called Wanelo? What IS that?

(Allison is my hand model for this tealight holder!)

And have I mentioned that the girls "track out" today? This is what they call it in year round school, when your particular track gets one of their breaks. So, starting after school today - the girls are home for more than 3 weeks! They go back to school on September 12.

I am hopeful that by then I will have developed a nice daily schedule to keep me in check and not feel worn and ragged as I do on most days.

Thank you for reading, if you have made it this far - ha - and wishing you well, Kristin


Alicia said...

I'm so glad to hear Emily is taking to kindergarten so well! I'm worried about 1st grade for El too. She said she's scared. Poor kid. Once they make new friends, though, they always seem to get into it, right?

I am so sorry to hear the porch thing is such a hassle. We were really lucky. They just gave us the permit and zoning. Ugh! How frustrating. You just want you home, right? Blah.

I hope you and the girls have a fun few weeks ahead of you! Yay!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

So very glad the school year is beginning in such a good way! That would make any mommy heart happy. :)

BeadedTail said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled in your new home and hope the porch addition progresses smoothly! Yay for your girls enjoying school too! Enjoy the 3 week break!

Anonymous said...

Awh, I'm glad Allie got settled in and used to 1st grade. It really is a tough wake up for some kids, that there's no more scheduled "play time" and snack and nap and it's getting into the business of school. Also glad to hear that Emily took to K well!

Sounds like you guys have A LOT on your plates right now. Don't feel left out...I don't know what that new social media thing is either that I can't even remember the name of it:)

Lucky said...

what's the buzz? lol Aw, your girls are so cute. So hard to believe time is flyin' so fast. School! Cheerleading! Gah! Seems like it was just yesterday we were blaring Green Day...