Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Date, first haircuts, and snow...oh no!

My husband and I on Saturday night:

We will be married 10 years in September, sometimes I look at us and think..where did all the time go? But, I know, it's there..in memories, in our children, in pictures - I love him so much.
Anyway, we went out to dinner and wandered aimlessly around some stores...kid-free (my parents were babysitting) and it was wonderful!
Earlier that day, the girls got their first haircut:

They had so much fun..and the best part - the lollipops - of course!
And today, we woke up to 2 inches of snow..and it is still going..

I may have grown up in the Northeast...but I am definitely now, without a doubt, a southern girl. It has been a long, cold winter...We had our first measurable snow on December 4th.. and now, it is almost March...and we get it again..what? Why? No! I am ready for shorts, flip flops, a floatie, and a pool...
....I'm summer dreamin'....how 'bout you?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flowers and Facebook

Hi Blog World! I have been missing all of my other blog friends, and I hope to be around to see what you all are up to really, really soon! Things have been busy on our end, with road trips and various home projects. And I have been working on this peice, which is cut glass laid onto leftover plywood that we had in the garage. I hope it turns out pretty enough to gift to my parents, who recently purchased a new house. It measures about 3 feet by 2 1/2 feet, give or take, that is just a guesstimate, and I am horrible at guessing, so I could be WAY off. ANYWAY, I still have a long way to go with it, but I am excited to continue working on it!

AND for those of you that are my friends on Facebook - you still are, but I had to deactivate my account because this morning I woke up to a BUNCH of notifications in my email from various things on Facebook.. and I am opt out of getting any emails about my account. which leads me to beleieve that I have been hacked (?).. I don't know, it freaked me out, I changed my password, and deactivated. I am not on there much anyway, but it still gave me the weebie jeebies..I'll see you again!

Much Love,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I want you, pool.

Check this pool out. Don't you want to just dive right in? Swimming is my favorite form of exercise and play. I remember swimming in our pool growing up in Connecticut. I would bring a boom box outside, play some 80's music (hey, it was the 80's) and do underwater dance routines. And then I would pretend that there was a shark in the pool and I would have to swim as fast as I could to the edge, climb out and pray that the shark wouldn't bite my leg as I was struggling to get out. and I wouldn't go back into the pool for the rest of the day for fear the shark would get me. Yah. I had an "active" imagination. ANYWAY.

This house/pool is located in an area of San Antonio that we are currently looking at....This part of town is family friendly with a great school district. It is not too far from Austin, which I am fond of...or the college that I want to go to get my masters, once the girls are in school. We are heading out of town on Friday and we want to see this house face to face. I hope it is located within a short distance to a book store. I just love bookstores. Just the smell of them..well, and the books. the books are nice too. And bagels. I love bagels... but, that is besides the point. A bagel bookstore. I would go there. ANYWAY.

With any luck..this house will still be on the market when we sell our current house and our house in NC....it is just the perfect pool for the sharks to chase me.

Take Care,

2 years of blogging.

I printed my whole blog last night....printed off the last 2 years of my documented life..it was a sweet look back...I read through my posts as I printed each page. It sort of felt like the last episode of Survivor where they are walking along remembering their fellow survivors who came before them, burning each name in the fire. Except I didn't burn anything, nor had I been picking my teeth with bamboo for the last 30 days..

I started this blog when Emily was just over a year old and Allison was younger than Emily is now..hmmm..surely there was an easier way to say that. Point is: They are older. and doesn't that just happen. "But time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm getting older too." Thank you, Stevie Nicks... Moving on,

Jack. Look at that dog. He is so cute. He just turned a year old. Let me tell you.. this was the first dog that we have had since puppy age. He was 3 months when we got him. He. Wore. Us. Out. He ate so many things. Things that you wouldn't think he would eat. I am not talking a shoe here, or a table leg there..although, he did eat both of those things. He also ate a 4 foot tall tree(down to the roots), a bathroom drawer(the side of it), the side of a coffee table, and a door(chipped away a LOT of the wood). But as each month went by; he calmed down a bit more. Now, we can leave him in a room full of the girls toys and he won't chew on any of them. Aaah, life is sweet.

Take Care,