Monday, September 27, 2010

She's Five, She's Tired, and They're Happy!

We had a Birthday Party for Allie this weekend. This picture was taken at the exact moment she realized that she is opening a Barbie Fashion Fairytale Doll.. I love the expression on her face!

The next night we went out for dinner to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Emily fell asleep on me not 2 minutes after sitting down at the table. And she stayed this way throughout the almost 2 hour dinner. (I might have dropped some tartar sauce on her head...I might have...) ;)

After that nap.. she was ready to go!

These girls just make me melt.



jenn said...

Look at those faces! I miss the days when the kids would fall asleep on me. In fact, I miss naps.

Anonymous said...

Awh, how sweet! I can't wait for kiddies:)