Saturday, January 29, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends. Please.

I need help, folks, I need help..

So, I reopened my Etsy shop almost 30 days ago. I am having a ton of fun making my vases.. starting to fool around with some other ideas, won't get into that yet.... But, I am trying to put up a new listing everyday, sometimes not possible, because I don't have one finished and ready for its close-up..

Anyway, so my problem is my pictures in my shop, Please click on my shop to the right and have a look-see! They are boring, they are same same. I do like the white background..I changed from a white sheet (complete with wrinkles - I couldn't get them out!) to a white posterboard, and I have found it works fabulous.. But, I was thinking.. should I put some flowers in them? Should I MAKE some kind of fake flowers, like out of found objects? That is more my style.. and maybe if I get good at that - I can offer those in my shop too.. but this is something else that I would have to teach myself, and I don't know where I would find the time.

SO, should I put a prop in there? Should I pick up some sticks and put them in there? fake Flowers? Real flowers (expensive)? Should I scrap the white background and lay them down in the's Texas..everything is dead here..should I lay them in the brown hay grass then?

I just need ideas to make my pictures better.. ideas? eek.. I don't know!

(Below is a new vase done last night.. I think I'm going to give it to my Mom. It would look nice in her kitchen, I think.)

Oh, and I am not at all marketing my shop yet. The only thing I will do is give a short tweet to a new listing, but I am pretty sure those are all fake views.

I need to work on my banner, my pictures, put more items up.. and then, I will figure out how to promote. Oh, won't that be fun - to see Kristin fumble her way through that. Promoting myself is. Not. My. Thing. But, I will need to make it my thing.

Ok, thanks in advance for your help... and enjoy your day!

It is 75 degrees here. 75! We have been laying on blankets in the backyard, I have been giving the girls playdough manicures. they love it.


Abby said...

I was actually just in your shop today and thought to myself "Her photos are really good. Crisp, clean, to the point." So, I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. I used to scatter stuff around in all my pics, but found that snapping simple pics of jewelry on the same background (I use a piece of driftwood I found on the beach this past summer) makes all my photos look uniform and my shop more cohesive. Plus, the jewelry is always the focal point.

Here's my suggestion: Take some pics with props (pencils, paint brushes, twigs, etc---things that are obviously not included in the listing) and see how you feel about those. It's easier to compare side by side.

Oh, by the way, hi :) It's been awhile.


Kat said...

I like the pictures with the white it makes the vases stand out. I think putting something in could be fun but I think handmade flowers would be the way to go. Do you have any bead sculptures left I remember you had some flower shaped ones. Maybe you could do something like that? I'm so uncreative. That's not a word but you know what I mean. I love your all your vases just the way they are.

BeadedTail said...

Well, I was going to say something until you had to mention it's 75 there! LOL Anyway, I think it might be a good idea to add something and the only reason I say that is because now that you mention it, I immediately clicked on your new listing yesterday of the pencil holder. It got my attention immediately because it was instantly recognizable. Then I was wondering about putting plants in your vases, etc. so I might be one that needs props. :)

Duni said...

Hi Kristin!

as I mentioned before I actually like the consistent look of your vases in front of the white posterboard.
May I suggest you add a photo of the vase in an actual setting, like a windowsill, table or in the kitchen, so that customers get inspired!
Kudos to you for working so hard lately :)

p.s. jealous of your lovely weather ;-)