Friday, January 28, 2011

A Dog Birthday and a little sentimental.

Jack is (almost) TWO! We adopted him from a North Carolina shelter in May 2009, when he was 3 months old. So, that would put his birthday some time in February. Some of my longtime readers will remember when we adopted him! Amazing how time flies, and how long we have all "known" each other, you know? Might be weird to some, but I actually feel like I have a real friendship with a lot of you. I think we aren't pretending to be something other than what we are, and I feel a very supportive community here, and that is what leads me to believe that if I were stranded on the side of the road in one of your towns, that you would come rescue me. I would you.

Anyway, but this is about JACK! :)

Here we are posing sweetly: (make no mention of the hair.. I just got out of the shower.. it dries frizzy and wavy.. it is what it is. I make no excuses for it, lol.)

Jack and Me - cheek to cheek!

But, those pictures are rare - he is so full of energy, that most of the pictures we have of Jack - look more like THIS:

Happy Birthday, Jack.. and MANY more!


jenn said...

I remember when you got him! I can't believe it was two years ago. Time sure does fly...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!! I remember when you got him....that's so crazy that it's already been two years!

I know what you mean too, I think about our online community we've built from time to time and it really does feel like a circle of friends separated by location. It's amazing to think how much we know about each other, how candidly we all speak.

BeadedTail said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I remember baby Jack too! Cute photos of you too and love the action shot!

So many people don't understand having blog friends but I know it's real and am very thankful to count you among by friends!

Duni said...

You and Jack make a cute couple ;-)
It's almost impossible for me to be photographed together with Sammy - he's wiggled around too much!
I feel exactly the same way about all my blog friends (including YOU of course). It's like a little online family :)

Alicia said...

Happy birthday, Jack! I totally remember when you guys adopted him. I can't believe that much time has already gone by.

Love the pictures. I have to say the one of him frolicking is my favorite:)

Kat said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I think your hair looks beautiful! It's funny we were just talking about dogs. They are so worth all the trouble they cause :)