Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been awhile....

....and let me tell you... I do not wish selling a house on anybody. Man, is it hard work.

I like to think that I keep a clean house in regular life..but, when you are constantly having showings, and you have 2 small kids, and a big dog, the cleaning is constant. It is an exhausting process.

We have been getting really good feedback, no offers yet, but there is time. Summer is the deadline for us to move. We want to be moved in time to get Allie enrolled in Kindergarten - KINDERGARTEN - and get to know our new city. So, what will happen to the house? Only time will tell, and if we must slash the price to get it to move, we will, be it grudgingly, do so.

So, with no showings scheduled today. I deemed it Pajama Day!

There are few things better than pajama day, and combined with double chocolate cookies that I am going to make this really does not get better than this. Hope you are enjoying your day!


blueviolet said...

A pajama day in the midst of showing a home is like heaven! It's SUCH a pain in the butt. I feel for you!

BeadedTail said...

Pajama day sounds like a lot of fun! Hope you get an offer so you can quit keeping the house spotless. It is a major pain in the patooty to sell a house but it'll be worth it.

Duni said...

A pajama day sounds good and don't the girls look adorable in theirs :)

It must be really stressful always having strangers in your house. I know I would hate it.
How do you find time for your art?
I hope the right people come along soon to buy your house!!!



Anonymous said...

3 cheers for pajama day! Wahoo!!! I don't do this enough either. I'm glad to hear your open house went well, hopefully you'll get some bites soon. I hear you about the cleaning thing- I can't stand the thought of weirdos being in the house- and you're right- always be on the safe side and DO assume they have poop on their shoes!! LOL.

B Boys Mom said...

That sure sounds like the best day ever to me! Enjoy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristin- Just stoppin by to say thank you so much for your support on a little etsy love! It was so lovely to check back in on the post and see that some of my blog fans had stopped by and commented. Thanks again! Hopefully you're not working to hard cleaning the house!!