Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Promotional Items.

If you are the owner of a small business, have you ever thought of doing custom promotional pens? In the future, maybe I would want to consider doing that with my Etsy Shop. I would have to sell way more than I do now to offset the cost. But, some of my favorite pens are promo pens from my husband's work. I get excited when he comes home with a new pen for me! Hey, it is the little things that I get excited about!

Perhaps you can go one step above and go for the engraved pens. They come in such a large variety. Or if you are anything like me; you will have to order a bunch of them for your own personal use and keep them in every room, drawer, and bag in the house. I am always losing pens and I have a million of them. I don't know where they all go. It is a mystery. Much like socks in the dryer.. where do they go?

If pens are not for you and your business; then there are a ton of other GOpromos items to choose from. You can put your name on mugs, stickers, or calendars. I think this is a good marketing technique, a good way to keep your name out there.

Maybe some of these ideas would work for you.

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