Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Talking about Cars.

Has your television been inundated with car dealerships wanting your tax return even before you get it? There are some commercials that really make me want to run in the other direction. They made me start thinking about our car. Am I happy with it?

We have a chevrolet. We have a trailblazer to be exact. It is roomy and dependable. We bought it in September 2009. It is a 2008 year model. To answer my question, yes, I am happy with our car. I would say that I want to drive our car until the engine falls off. Hopefully that does not happen anytime soon, or especially while we are driving it. Yikes.

I think our car is the perfect size for us. It is not too big and not too small. The Ford Expedition is a big car. I was beside one at a red light the other day. I wonder if the expedition is still a gas guzzler. I know people used to refer to it as being a big waster of gas, but I wonder if they have somehow made it to be more gas efficient with the newer models. It seems that the smaller the car, the more gas efficient. And while yes, that makes sense; it is not so practical for everyone to drive small cars, like the Chevrolet Aveo Lt, for example. I know, we as a family of 4 with a good sized dog, could not practically fit into a car that small.

Speaking of cars and living where I live, in Texas. It seems that everyone here has a pick-up truck. My husband's first vehicle was a pick-up truck. All of my neighbors have one. I actually think every person on my street has one, seriously. My father-in-law, who is a contract pumper (oil well), drives a Gmc Sierra-3500-Hd. He drives it for 5 hours every single day. He drives to the pumps he is in charge of and makes sure they are producing oil and he performs the required maintenance. It is also not practical for him to have a smaller car, or else he wouldn't be able to fit all of his tools in there.

Alright folks, Have a good day and happy driving.

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