Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Deer

This sign is posted on a fence post leading to our backyard. It reads, "This property provides the few basic habitat elements needed for wildlife to thrive: food, water, cover, and places to raise young...." I sort of feel like I am that picture at the top of the sign. I am constantly pointing out things in the yard to the kiddos. There is so much to explore. I may sound like a broken record, but, it really does feel like I am a kid again. I have a renewed energy. Every day holds a new kind of excitement.
I can't get enough of these pretty animals. There are numerous well beaten deer paths throughout the property. They come much closer to the house than this. But, when they are that close, I don't dare move to go get my camera. I just stand there, staring at them. Because I know that moment will be all too fleeting. And when they get spooked, it is even fun to watch them run. They are fast and so graceful.

Up until moving here, I have sadly seen more deer dead along the side of the road, than alive and thriving in the wild. Now, that weight is shifting. And it really does a heart good.

Happy Tuesday,


Anonymous said...

And I continue to be a broken record in saying: I'm still so so so very jealous! But also very happy for you, that the weight in your heart can tip that way:)

BeadedTail said...

It's so wonderful you get to experience wildlife so close. Your girls will remember it always!

Duni said...

I am so happy for you and your family, Kristin.
I think deer are beautiful, gentle creatures. I'd love to see them up close :)

take care,

blueviolet said...

You are having an experience out there that most people never will. Lucky!

Tammy said...

The best part is that all this is right in your back yard. You are so lucky.

Kat said...

It really sounds like you have found a beautiful place to live. Enjoy every minute.