Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Printer Ink

I am so glad our move to Austin is over! It was so expensive! It was like our bank account had an open wound... and the money was just bleeding out. There were the obvious expenses, like the moving truck, the rental house deposits, the utility start-up costs, etc. But, there was a whole slew of other expenses. Like, for example, we had to get a new printer, since Bobby's last employer paid for our printer, we had to give it back. So, now we are on the look-out for cheap ink.

My husband's last employer supplied us with inkjet cartridges, but now it is up to us to buy them. So, I have been shopping around. There is a website called InkGrabber.com and they have a special right now for you to save 10 percent off any order over 55 dollars, using a coupon code SUNSHINE10. I am all about saving a buck. I am just glad to see the end of this constant spending that this move has done to us. All of the little things really added up.

My husband's job pays for our internet, so that is a plus. I am just going to have to get used to paying for our printer ink again. I will do my best to try and not print so much either. Anything to save a little money!

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