Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where I am, What I'm doing.

This is my first new listing since moving to Austin. I call it Rainbow Brushstrokes. I have started my to-do list of things I have to do with my shop, and all around generally organizing my life. I have a ton to do. I really would like to find a good preschool for Emily. Allison is starting Public School this upcoming school year. I feel really good about that. The school district we live in has nothing but rave reviews, so hopefully that experience will prove good for us as well.

Allison is really ready to start dance class, so we need to make our way over and check some of the studios out, find out when classes start, how much, etc. And speaking of class, I am really interested in some continuing education classes, if not to pick up and get my masters going again, which has taken a backseat since I have had my kids.

I have a ton of new art ideas that I have been filling up my sketchbook with. Time is really what I don't have enough of. My brother and his family from New Hampshire are here this week. We have been busy doing all things that your normal average every day tourist would be doing in this area, which is a lot of fun, but also very exhausting.

Today was my only day home since Friday. I had to spend most of my time today cleaning floors, doing laundry, I am still in the process of unpacking the house. It is slightly amazing that I even had time to photograph my new vase.

So, that is about it. I am hoping I have time tomorrow morning, before we head on over to San Antonio, to catch up with my blog friends.

I miss everyone, and hope to be back, more often, really soon.


blueviolet said...

Holy cow, you really are busy! I can't believe you have visitors already though. I'd be ticked!

Duni said...

Hi Kristin!

Etsy is almost a full-time occupation if you ask me :)
That is so nice that your brother and his family are visiting. Seeing as you are pretty new to the area you can explore it together, which is so much more fun!!
All the best to you and continued success in all your endeavours!

Anonymous said...

Not to wish your girls older, but, just dream of those days when they're off at school full time and when they get home you can give them chores to take some of the load off of you!