Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Arts and Crafts

I am slowly starting to find my school groove again. I officially have 2 mornings a week all to myself. I would be lying if I said that I am already completely at ease and at peace with the quietness of the house. Even though I fill that time by taking care of some of the things I find challenging to do with 2 kids under my feet, I can feel their absence and it pains me a little. I don't like missing so much of their day, but it is fun hearing them talk about what they did at school. They are growing up, learning on their own, and I am just so proud.

I have a handful of arts and crafts projects waiting for me. Some of it has to do with crafty things that I have been wanting to do around the house. The girls have a toybox that has turned into an eye sore with all of the wear and tear on it, so it is just begging for a new coat of paint. I also have a bookshelf that needs a makeover.

I also have so many plans for my Etsy Shop and I can't wait to jump in with two feet. This vase, the first of a new line I created, by etching a word into the stucco, sold this morning.

I am so grateful for the sale, but to further that, my day was really made because of the nice words that the customer told me, complimenting my work. It really means a lot. I tell you. I love making these vases. LOVE it. And to think that other people are appreciating it. It is beyond words.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School for Emily!

I made it through Allison's first week of kindergarten last week unscathed! By Thursday, it felt like old hat. We were able to get in a groove and Allison just LOVES it! It was far less emotional for me than I thought it would be - thankfully, oh, thankfully! And now, this week, is Emily's turn.
Emily and I visited the zoo yesterday, albeit briefly, Emily was melting in the heat - she is so sweet.

And today she went off to preschool. Here she is standing by her cubby.

There were no tears, just a great big hug and a Bye, Mom! Turn around, and she was off! I see a trip to the toy store this afternoon - I am so proud of her, I can just burst.. she can have anything she wants... within reason. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A tale of Kindergarten

Well, folks. Allison is officially a kindergartner!
This has been an...interesting week.
Allie was thrilled about her first day - excited and looking forward to it.

Day one, I walked her into school.. Daddy and Emily wanted to as well, but the parking lot was so crowded, that me and Allie had to jump out of the car. When we walked into school, I felt Allie's hand tighten around mine. I could tell she was overwhelmed with how crowded it was - filled shoulder to shoulder with parents and kids, also walking their child into the classroom on this first day.

When we got to her class, and to her seat, she opened her pencil box that was already laid out for her, and she found her crayons, and only the cap to her scissors - without the scissors themselves. Allie looked up at me, with tears welling in her eyes, saying, somebody stole my scissors. I asked the teacher and the teacher explained that she has all of the scissors, just left the caps in the box. So, Allie was ok with that. I hugged her goodbye... and walked out.

It felt empty in the house that day. Allie's absence was truly felt. I missed her and so did Emily. At pick-up, Emily and I walked up to Allie where she was sitting with her class, and I stood in front of her for a full 5-10 seconds before she even registered that it was me. When she did, she grabbed onto me, hugged me hard, and just burst into tears. It was all I could do to not break down myself.

As the day went on, I understood that the tears were just tears of being overwhelmed and relieved to see me. Later on that night, as Allie was helping me with chores, she told me all about her day. The rules of the classroom, fun things they did, songs they sang, kids she met, etc...

She said to me, "Mom, I have the best kindergarten in the history of kindergartens." and she added, "but I just cried cause I missed you all day."

Oh honey, I missed you too.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Day of Summer and the Backpack's Packed.

We went to the pool yesterday. A bittersweet event knowing that summer is coming to a close with the start of Kindergarten tomorrow.

I have her bag packed, stuffed with some pictures of our family that she requested, a surprise note from me, a change of clothes, hand wipes, lunch, and snacks.

I have been thinking about this day since Allie was born. It seemed so far away at the time, but now the time is here. I haven't let myself cry about it until recently. And I am not crying because I am worried about her. I know she will do great. She is truly excited about it and she is so eager to learn new things and I know she is ready to take on new challenges.

Rather, I am crying because I know that it is time for me to let go a little bit. She will be standing on her own without me by her side. But, I know she will feel me there. And I will be ready and waiting every day after school. To hear about her day, what she learned, the friends she made.
With my arm stretched out, ready to take her hand in mine.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mary Poppins!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some of the Characters...

....that we met on Vacation to Disneyland and Knot's Berry Farm!

Minnie was a little sweetie!

Ariel's voice was so sweet and she was so talkative and the girls were in awe and wonder.

Jasmine was Emily's favorite. She is insisting that we buy that outfit for her. I am insisting that we do not! lol!

Belle was Allie's Favorite!

Mickey was a Rock Star. I was just as excited as the girls to meet him.. you would think that I didn't even understand that there was a person underneath that costume. I was so giddy like I was meeting a real-life non-fictional Mickey Mouse! Oh, I was a kid again!

Snoopy at Knot's Berry Farm!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Disneyland was amazing, even the tram ride from the parking garage area to the park was fun - look at me - I could have rode that tram all day!

The first character we met was the Queen of Hearts. She is really a nice lady.. she just looks like she is in a bad mood!

But Emily - Emily wasn't buying it. I think she might have thought that the mean Queen was going to hurt Allie - after all, the Queen did hold Allie's hands and dance with her around in a circle -

Emily cried for 5 minutes straight!
And we weren't even in Disneyland for 5 minutes!
Don't worry - it got better - more to come!
: )

I hate Bed Rest!

I hate Bed Rest!

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

Being on bed rest is not the easiest thing in the world and it’s even tougher when it’s because you’ve got two broken legs. That puts a whole new meaning to it! I couldn’t do anything for myself and I sure couldn’t get up even to pace around the room so the healing I went through over those six months was really tough. I spent a lot of time thinking but when that made me feel like I was in jail I started reading a good bit. When I got sick of that I started watching movies on my satellite and thankfully that tided me over until it was time for me to get back out and about in the real world. I was really athletic before (did I mention that I broke my legs in a skiing accident?) and though I’ll never be the same when it comes to moving my body I can’t wait to get back out there and start moving around again. I gained about 20 pounds just lying in that bed!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Austin to California

I have never been west of Lubbock, Texas. I have been east of Texas, having lived in North Carolina and Connecticut, and I have been up and down the east coast. I have always wanted to go to California. I also really want to go to Washington State and Oregon. But we had an opportunity to go to California, so we took it and I was so excited to begin our trip 2 weeks ago. We drove. I love driving. I love seeing the country from the comfort of our car, and my kids are great car travelers, luckily, and knock on wood that they continue to be! Anyway... I had some pre-conceived notions of what New Mexico and Arizona would be like. I pictured flat desert sand as far as the eye can see. And while, yes, there was that - But there was also this:

The mountains, which are pretty far from Allie and Em in this picture, are enormous. They are beautiful. I really found it hard not to look at them, and there are many. and they are beautiful. Have I mentioned how beautiful?

And when we were almost in California, we came upon this. It was frightening and we were close to it, and I could not help but be scared that there would be an explosion and we would be caught up in it, but there was literally nowhere to turn. there were guardrails up to our left and a car to our right, and there was no way to turn around. The worst case scenario kept playing out in my head. A truck carrying bales of hay caught fire, from an accident that occurred moments before we arrived. It kept us stopped in our tracks for more than an hour before the police force created a path off road, that lead us back to the highway, going in the opposite direction, which ultimately lead us to a 3 hour detour. But, we were all safe. And that is all that mattered in the end.

and the beautiful mountains continued to California. This picture of this mountain was taken probably an hour or so from the coast.
It was a memorable trip before we even got there!
More to come with the next post!
I hope I don't bore anybody!
Hope you are all well and thanks for reading!

Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Baaaack!

Allison in Disneyland. I love this picture, taken with my phone...

So.. If it isn't already obvious, we just got back from a wonderful trip to California - last night, in fact! I will be sure to post some pictures from our trip.. I will need a few days to get settled - the amount of laundry we have is insane. But, I miss my blog friends, and I will be catching up with you after I catch my breath!