Thursday, September 22, 2011

Call in the Experts.

By Now, You probably heard about the devestateing wildfires in and around Austin over these past few months. In the recent Bastrop Fire, there were more than 1400 homes destroyed or damaged. If your home has ever suffered fire damage there are services available to restore your home to pre-fire conditions such as The smoke from even a small fire permeates surfaces in rooms that didn't even suffer from the flames directly. You really do need to bring in professionals to help with cleaning up the damage.

I also might be needing to schedule some home carpet cleaning service austin because our lease for our rental house ends in March. We will need to get the carpets professionally cleaned as per our lease agreement. I can't believe we potentially only have 6 more months to live in this beautiful house. We will have to assess our situation when the time nears. Is this still a good location to live? Will I want to live a little closer to the school? Oh, but we love this house. Jack loves this yard. I love the deer. I don't want to move again, so soon. A lot to think about.

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