Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stamp It.

I hope this post finds you all well! It has not been the greatest week here. Emily was sick with a stomach bug for the last 2 days. Then, last night, she seemed to be feeling even worse, so we all hopped in the car to head to the urgent care. In an effort to be sensitive to what does or does not gross you out. Let me just say, that Emily got sick WHILE we were driving there. All over herself, in her hands, hair, lap... She sat there stunned, and Allie sat there screaming. I have never heard Allie scream like that before. Well, Emily feels a whole lot better. And I am sure that smell in my car will eventually go away....eventually....

Anyway, so, I found a site where I can purchase self ink stamps. I was originally thinking about purchasing stickers with my shop name on it. However, I have not found any within my budget. Then someone had suggested using stamps, and I found that this is much more economical. There are also date stamps available. Date stamps excite me (Yes, I am a nerd at heart.. well, probably a nerd in plain sight as well..) But I can think of a thousand uses for date stamps. One use, is when I get a bill, I write the date that it is due and then file it in the date-due folder. Well, if I had date stamps, I could just stamp them!

And in the future, when my vase line takes off, I can use inspection stamps on the boxes ready to be shipped.

Ok, well, maybe I am getting ahead of myself. But, one can dream.

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