Thursday, April 26, 2012

Making the best of our current furniture

Guest post written by Megs Carroll

I'm really into making things that I already have prettier. I'm always looking for a little project to improve something in my home and spend a lot of weekends doing just that. Well, last weekend was definitely going to be another one of those weekends. My TV stand had really been getting on my nerves lately because it was so bland and tired looking. So I decided to concentrate on that.

I looked online to get some inspiration about what exactly I could do to my TV stand with a bit of paint and not really spending much money. As I was browsing around some decor blogs, I saw some info on how to get vinyl siding and I looked through it some. Then I made the decision that we should get that for our house. Our old wooden siding on our house was just a little too run-down looking for my taste.

I found an idea for a converted TV console from a dresser and it made me kind of want to go out and find a cheap one to do over so we'd have a little more room for storage in it than our current one. I'm going on the hunt and hope I'm lucky!

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