Monday, November 19, 2012

The Porch.

I couldn't be more happier to write this blog post. Our Porch is done. Here it is:

We have some work to do in the yard in front of it, but that can wait for a while.

We missed every outdoor furniture sale and now you can only find regular prices online, for the most part. There isn't any outdoor furniture to be found in stores at the moment.. so, we will probably wait until markdowns next August to buy new furniture because I will NOT pay 1500 for outdoor furniture. no way no how.

So, for now, a futon and some folding chairs will just have to do! :)

So, while the porch is narrower than what we hoped, it will definitely serve its purpose and we will get a ton of use out of it.

Just in time to enjoy the cold weather.


Duni said...

It is so lovely, Kristin! I love the ceiling fans! Outdoor furniture is expensive - we got ours at an outlet store across the border in the Netherlands :)
take care,

LimeRiot said...

It looks great!! Perfect place to read a book, entertain or enjoy a beverage. We need to add a deck this summer and this type of design is really appealing. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys have been waiting for this for so long!!! I think it turned out great narrow like that:) It's more like an observation deck now!! Enjoy!!!

Erica said...

Oh, so wonderful to have such a beautiful porch. It will be a great place to unwind and spend time as a family. I'd wait on the furniture until the markdowns hit too. I'm the kind of girl who always needs to find a good deal.