Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Why.

I recently went to a small business seminar put together by an organization called Vend Raleigh . It was very informative to say the least. And I am still processing all of the information gained, and trying to implement them into my business.

One of the things discussed was the very personal reasons behind the why you have your business.
These are my why.

What actually started out as a happy accident when I decided one day, I want to make a vase! And then it turned out kinda neat - leading to months of experimenting better techniques - making it up as I went

It gave me a hobby, something to do when the girls were having naptime. And this whole entire creative side of me that I wasn't even entirely sure was there - well.. it was there!

And then came the little, very very little bit of extra money. My confidence growing - OTHER PEOPLE like this TOO!!

And the sheer love loooove of this artwork, of getting my hands dirty, of creating something beautiful that someone may want in their home -how cool! And my kids saw that and they love this about their Mom. They say I am an artist. And even though I am still working on calling myself that, when I hear them say it, I get chills.

And I know, without any shadow of a doubt, that if I didn't have the full and unending support of my husband, that I could not be doing this.

Here we are a few weeks ago:

My family is my Why.

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