Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet our Neighbors.

These horses live directly across the street from us. They are so beautiful. This picture really does not do them justice. They are so sweet. While we were walking to them, they galloped to the fence and waited for us. They stuck their head over the fence and let Allie pet their noses. We walk over to them every morning to say Good Morning.
It is a really sweet way to start the day.

This week has been such a whirlwind. A wonderful, fulfilling, and exhausting whirlwind. I already feel like I was meant to live here.

Today is another busy day. We need to get some shopping done. And I would love to tackle some of my to-do list pertaining to my shop. I have some vases that I need to finish. Some wood boards that I need to cut, for a new art project. And I need to find my dremel, which is buried somewhere in the pile of move mess, for another project. Not to mention, a whole lot of other things too tedious to name.

In the meantime, we have 2 little girls that need to be kept busy and happy, because you can't get anything done with bored sad girls, believe you me. So, somewhere between these to-do's, we are taking the girls to a park in Austin, called Zilker. We are going to ride the train and have some lunch.

The truth is.. there just isn't enough time to tackle my to do's.

My best bet is to have a ton of fun at the park... run around like mad...and tire these little girls out into a peaceful afternoon slumber.. then, maybe I can tackle that list.

Wish me Luck!


Abby said...

I'll bet your girls just love their new naaaaay-bors.

Oh boy. Cheese factor overload. I apologize.


Tammy said...

I love your new neighbors. It looks like a wonderful place to live.

Duni said...

What beautiful horses! Aren't you lucky!!! We have wild horses in our area but obviously they won't let us come close.
I'm glad you love your new home, even though I know unpacking all your stuff is quite an ordeal. Well, one step at a time.
Your day in the park sounds great! Enjoy!!!

BeadedTail said...

Deer and horse neighbors? Pretty cool place you live at! Hope you enjoy the park and are able to get lots done during naptime!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should start listing "Make the girls happy" on your daily lists so you can cross it off and feel accomplished:)

That's so funny that you were a swimmer too! It's really hard to keep up with as an adult. Especially when you have a family, and a life, and an etsy store, etc. The list of if only's goes on...

Alicia said...

I would love to live so close to horses! The girls must be jumping out of their skin with delight (and maybe Mama too)!