Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Weekend.

We went to our house for the last time on Saturday. We officially close, signing the papers, this Friday! We had to go there to get a few remaining things, and to fix some things per the buyers request. This is the girls posing in front of the house, sort of looks like they are saying, "We did it!" doesn't it?

While we were in town, I went to a couple favorite thrift stores, and stocked up on some vases. I get deals. That is the only way I feel good about what I charge in my shop.
So, I would say that I am good for now.

This should last me for a while, don't you think?

Then yesterday, we spent literally hours on the back patio. The girls painted dozens of paintings.. among other things.

Bobby is the best Daddy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Morning, Deer.

I have talked about the abundance of deer in our yard, and my love for them. We see them daily in our front and back yards. Well, the front of our rental house has this courtyard area.. It is rare that the deer walk into this area. I have only seen them do this about 3 times. Surely, they must be curious and have to check it out.
Like this one.

This one was even curious as to what is inside of this house..Allison, Emily and I were standing as still as we could, as not to scare it away..

And then it slowly meandered back into the yard..
It was pretty awesome.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finished Vase and a Busy Summer!

And it is officially summer now! Yay!! Although, it has felt like summer for a couple months already here in Texas.. anyway...

This is that finished vase from a couple posts back.. I am calling this the first vase in my Inside Outside Series! I would love to know your thoughts.
You can visit the listing HERE.
I am really excited about the vases currently in progress as well..
Although things tend to be slow moving with me as we have been keeping very busy.

I joined a gym, and it has a pool and I am starting to swim again. I was on the swim team in High School and I have always had a love of swimming, stemming from the swimming pool we had in our backyard growing up. The people my parents bought that house from, had literally let the pool look more like a pond. It even had FISH in it, I am NOT kidding... but, after much work, we had a great pool to spend our Connecticut summers in... Ah... memories...

I hope to visit you all real soon!!

About Nursing Scrubs

There are a few important people in my life that are nurses; my mother, my mother-in-law, and a best friend. I have wondered if they would ever appreciate a gift of new scrubs from blue sky scrubs, here, When I was working outside of the home, I always appreciated a new shirt or skirt for work, so, I would imagine that this is not too different. What are your thoughts? Does that seem strange to give as a gift?

I wonder if nurses feel that all nursing scrubs are created equal, or if there is a preferred brand in terms of comfy-ness and general longevity. I would think so.. but seeing as I really have no idea, if there is a nurse on board reading this, I would appreciate your 2 cents.

Then there is also the matter of choosing a color. From what I understand, some hospitals like to in essence "color code" the various departments, so if I did choose to go this route as a gift, I would probably need to find out about the color my mother-in-law and best friend wear. I already know my mom wears Navy blue.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My New Work.

I am so happy to tell you about my new idea for my vases! Mind you, I have numerous ideas regarding them.. But most of them fall drastically short in the execution. I tend not to take pictures of those.. I would rather just move on.. lol..

Anyway, this idea sort of came in an a-ha moment. Last week, when I was picking through my inventory of vases, deciding which ones I will work on next. I realized some of them won't work, because I need the top of the vase to curve in, so you don't really see the inside of the vase too well, if that makes sense..It looks more finished without seeing the stucco, in my opinion. Anyway, so, I thought, well why don't I paint the outside of the vase. The stucco would then protect the paint, and voila - it worked. I was worried that the actually applying the stucco to the vase, would scratch the paint, but it did not. It held.

And I am so excited about these results. Now I can't WAIT to go vase shopping again. My options will be limitless.

Oh, and Yes.. I can not get enough of the stripes. I am kind of in love with painting them!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It officially feels like summer here with our first visit to SeaWorld San Antonio last week. We have not been since 2 summers ago, but you can expect to find us spending lots of time there with our recent acquisition of season passes. They have a new area filled with water features for the kids to splash around in, and the girls loved it, they were soaking wet almost as soon as we got there!

Emily is so cute in her sunglasses!

And Allison officially graduated to big girl status, because she rode the huge water flume with me! I half expected her to change her mind in the line. But, Nope, she stuck it out..

..and loved it. She wanted to ride it again, again, and again.

I can still hear her happy squeals of delight.
May they forever ring clearly in my ears.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Etsy Finds Vase

I sorta have a best seller! Well.. okay, that might be stretching it... About a month ago, I was in the Etsy Finds email. It generated a bunch of hearts and views, and one sale. The Vase that was featured in the email, was the one that sold. After it sold, I recieved 3 convo's from 3 different buyers asking if I would make the vase again. I did not have the same vase size that was the Etsy Finds Vase.. and I could never duplicate it exactly.. the color might be off, the lines might be a tad different, etc... But, I did my best, and one of them bought it. I now made another one, just to be ready, in case those other buyers come back. I listed it 2 days ago. HERE it is, in a treasury here.. can you find it?

'Yellow & Green' by TildaChic

A nice combination

Simple Obi-Wrapped ...

Lemonade Storm - 16...

Yellow and Gray Bri...

10 Large and Medium...

sunshine when the s...

Custom Shabby Chic ...

Make It Happen. Hom...

Joel Dewberry - Avi...

Mostly Sunny Fabric...

NzLbags New - Summe...

Sunny Bee, updated ...

Silk lavender sache...

Sunshine Horizon, g...

Grey/Yellow Complet...

Freestyle Bowtie fo...

textile typewriter ...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Have a great day, All! I still can't believe it - my house is SOLD! Pinch me, I am dreaming!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Week at the Zoo.

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing great! What a week it has been! Let's see.. Emily turned 4. She had her yearly Doctor appointment on Friday and she and Allison are the exact same weight. 33 1/2 pounds. Mind you, they are 21 months apart. Funny. We also purchased season passes to the Austin Zoo, which we live near.. and we went 3 times this week. I have talked about the zoo before in Who Screams at the Zoo? and why I love this particular zoo so much. So, I am excited that we can go whenever we want.

In Fantastic news - We got an offer on the house and accepted it! It was the most and still is the most nerve-wracking experience. The buyer has until Tuesday to say, Eh, forget it...but fingers crossed that she won't. I. Am. Petrified. We are so close to stop the hemorrhaging of money that we are experiencing with carrying this extra mortgage, that this wait is almost unbearable! But.. You know what has been helping? The fact that I have been keeping myself so incredibly busy. I had been working on a Pinata for my dear friend, Abby. Her birthday is right around the corner, and what started out as sort of a joke, quickly turned into a very real project. I am making her a Donnie Whalberg Pinata. (Donnie of New Kids on the Block fame, now NKOTBSB fame, he has also been in movies, etc..) And I will mail it to her tomorrow. Oh, folks, I can not wait until she gets it. I will be sure to do another blog post that goes into how this started and the end result. Let's just say that Donnie Whalberg is now following Abby on twitter. And that was an exciting day for Abby and I!

So I hope you all are well.. and I will be making my blog visits soon!