Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ready, set.. yard sale.

We are missing Daddy these days.

His job has been having him traveling and it has been tough on all of us. This photo was taken a couple of weekends ago at my nephews first communion.

We have just about a month left before we move. I know it will go by lightning fast.

This month is filled with end-of-school activities, last minute trips to see some sights of Texas, a dance recital, and after MUCH deliberation we are going through with a yard sale on Saturday. We had seriously considered just donating everything we don't want to lug to NC, but we really do need the money. So, here we go. I am SO NOT excited.

If you have any yard sale tips, I would love to know. I really don't know a thing about how to run one. eeek. help.

Making the best of our current furniture

Guest post written by Megs Carroll

I'm really into making things that I already have prettier. I'm always looking for a little project to improve something in my home and spend a lot of weekends doing just that. Well, last weekend was definitely going to be another one of those weekends. My TV stand had really been getting on my nerves lately because it was so bland and tired looking. So I decided to concentrate on that.

I looked online to get some inspiration about what exactly I could do to my TV stand with a bit of paint and not really spending much money. As I was browsing around some decor blogs, I saw some info on how to get vinyl siding and I looked through it some. Then I made the decision that we should get that for our house. Our old wooden siding on our house was just a little too run-down looking for my taste.

I found an idea for a converted TV console from a dresser and it made me kind of want to go out and find a cheap one to do over so we'd have a little more room for storage in it than our current one. I'm going on the hunt and hope I'm lucky!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Packing up and Inspiration

Even though I am knee deep in packing for our move, I had to take some time to work on a new idea. I made these stars out of bamboo, stucco, and paint, of course.

  I have some other ideas for wall art, that I have been jotting down in a notebook. It pains me that I can't work on them until July! July!! I will be chomping at the bit!
I already have more made and ready to be listed, but I won't be listing them until July, when my shop is up and running at full speed. Even now, as my items expire, I am packing them away in bubble wrap and boxes, makes me sad!
  I hope you are all great! I promise to be around to check on each of you early next week. I have been a terrible blog friend, but I know as things ebb and flow in your own lives that you can relate to not having much online time.
  We are leaving in a bit to head to East Texas to visit a dear friend for the weekend....we need to see her now, because in a month from now - visits to Texas will be few and far between.
  Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It was a Happy Easter

Me, My Mom, and the girls.

It was a nice Easter.

And the night before was great too, Bobby and I saw the Toadies in concert. Great show, although, I should NOT have worn heels. Ouch.

And now it is back to the business of the week.
Allison has an Art Show at school tonight, followed by a music performance. Emily has Pre-K cap and gown pictures on Thursday (Yes, I will be crying!) and Allison has a field trip on Friday.
The weeks are flying by - zooming by. The end of May - moving day - will be here soon, and I can only hope my to-do list is completed.
But, it was nice to just take a weekend. This was the first weekend in a long time that I did not tackle some "moving project" which has really turned into a "garage sale project."

I tell you.. I can easily go to a garage sale - but putting one on ourselves is no joke. And this one is a big one. We are selling probably... 70 percent of our things. There is a lot of baby/toddler items that we have been carting around. It really is time to send them on their way. We are selling a lot of furniture - furniture that will not work in our space in North Carolina, and we just have no storage for them. And a ton of - Tchotchkes - (I have always loved that word) - I am not super big into knick knacks, lots of things on my shelves, etc.. I am more of a minimalist in that regard. I typically like to display a few sentimental pieces and a few pictures. So, going through box after box of things that I know will stay IN the box.. so why am I keeping them? So - off they go.

Thanks for the visit and reading about what is up with me. I am sure my blog friends are understanding that I am just not completely myself right now, with this moving stress and all... I will be around to see how you all are doing sooner than later, I know I am due for a visit.
Take care!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

May Health, Peace, and Sweet Content Be Yours.

That is a favorite quote of mine.
I have a wooden sign with that quote that has hung on our wall for years.
I thought it the appropriate title to this post, showing you what I made for someone I know, who is in need of prayers at this moment. Not a very good picture, but you get the point.

She can take the painted branches out and use it as a pencil holder if she wants to.

Also, I just read on Abby Gabs a touching story about her friend's little boy. Please head over there if you have a minute.

Wishing you all well!