Sunday, October 24, 2010

Look at those faces!

Carving the pumpkin is fun and all, but my favorite part is the eating of the pumpkin seeds.. yum yum.

If I seem out of the blogging game lately.. it will only be for a short while.. I promise to hop back on once a week or so... But, we are so ridiculously busy with getting our house ready to list.

I know, I know.. Your thinking - Gee, Kristin! What a great time to put your house on the market! Just before the holidays! Good for You!! (Sarcasm)

I know, i agree with you.. but, hey... we just want to give our house plenty of time to sell.. so, we are choosing to list it - yes - just as soon as we are ready.. which is a little less than a month from now -

So - with that - I am off to finish boxing some things up, then on to paint the hallway, then on to paint the office, and girls room, box up some kitchen stuff, etc, and so on and so forth.

Wish me LUCK!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A bit about Insurance

Times are tough and if you are a small business owner, you may need to assess your business insurance health. Do not underestimate the value of insurance. Be sure to locate the best business insurance policy. In this age of computers, all of this information is right at our fingertips. No more thumbing through the phone books. Speaking of which, I just received 2 phonebooks on my door step just the other day. Is there a way to opt out of these things? So wasteful, in my opinion..I haven't used a phonebook in years, literally.. YEARS! Oh, and, make sure you arm yourself with the knowledge of group health insurance rates. Alright, now, go ahead and have a great day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh, folks.

What a weekend, what a Monday, what a week....

Have I ever told you that where we live now (West Texas) is not our final destination? Oooh.. did that sound at all morbid? Not what I mean.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know much about me and my fam.. We moved from the lovely and much missed State of NC, back to Texas.. "back to" because my husband and I met and married here while we were both attending college.. and then we moved to NC for employment reasons.. I had family there, we loved it.. we took that leap. No jobs, just hope.. can't live on hope.. lived with my parents... 3 months later, we found jobs.. we moved to a different part of NC than my parents.. we lived there for 7 years.. Moved BACK to Texas 2 years ago.. (ok.. 2 years ago December 4th, but who's counting?) again, for employment reasons.. My husband sort of has to do some time here in this city, before we can move on to the area of Texas that we really want to live in.

I know, kind of confusing.. or is it? And if you read all of that - thanks for sticking it out!

So.. The long and short of it - we are looking to move after the new year. It seems like the job My hubs wants is opening then. We shall see.. and hope. and hope. and pray. And We have a realtor coming on Thursday. My husband spent the weekend fixing our fence, I would say "mending the fence" but that would sound so "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas" And if you haven't seen that - see it - It is a Christmas tradition! And I spent the weekend painting 2 rooms. And the girls spent the weekend in imaginary play - I think they maybe watched 2 hours of TV the whole weekend - It seems the gap between their ages is closing so quickly - that they are like equal playmates - almost.. they have their moments. But, I think little Emily has worked hard on doing all of the things that Allison can do. And when, she can't do it, she just changes the subject or fakes it. Ha.

So, my week will be a busy one. Thursday I will find some time to breathe - maybe after the realtor leaves and we have a list of what is recommended we do, how much our home is worth in the state of the current and FABULOUS market(sarcasm).. and so on..

oh.. and how do you paid bloggers do it? I have done a few paid posts. They don't come easy for me, ahem - you may have noticed. I don't like to talk about something that I don't have the least bit of knowledge about, so I have not been accepting many jobs. I have one that is waiting for me to finish.. ugh.. and I am dreading it. Prepare for a blog post that just may hurt your eyes to read. Was I even allowed to say that? You never read anyone talking about paid posting..maybe this will get me kicked out of the club. I am clueless.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My First Mixed Media Painting

I had an hour this morning to attempt my first mixed media piece of art. I painted the blue background on my canvas last night and got to work this morning. This is what I started with:

And this is the finished piece:

Forgive the picture.. it was taken on a pillow on our back patio chair, in the early morning light, but I was so excited to share!

It is scrapbook paper and painted paper glued on a painted canvas. It has a lot of texture and I even added some glitter for good measure - in the sky, on the branches and on the butterfly - but you can't see that too well in this picture.

Where has mixed media been all my life? I loved this process.

I think this will be my first listing in my soon to be re-opened shop! Yippee!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back in Texas

Hi Friends!

I am thrilled to report that we had a safe trip back to Texas. North Carolina was a whirlwind of visits with friends and we experienced all around happiness. We even stopped at the State Fair on the way home.. This are some pics from that...

My girls and me - photo op on a bench - you have to sit down and rest, this fair is HUGE!

The girls learned how to be farmers at an exhibit. I liked it cause it was FREE. A lot of things even after you pay your entrance fee has an extra cost...but this was not one of them. We blew through $85 dollars in 3 hours. And we only had $100 in our state fair budget - 15 was for parking.

For all of us to ride the ferris wheel was TWENTY-FOUR dollars... does anyone else out there think that is crazy? So.. you could see why you can blow through some money here... This was on the ferris wheel: Daddy and Allie

So.. after 3 hours, when we were penniless, lol.. it was time to go. But, good thing too.. The Dallas Cowboys were playing, and that stadium seats 100,000 people. So, at least we missed that traffic.

I will be visiting you all soon. I am still tired from all that laundry I did yesterday. 10 hours worth. For Real. Isn't that sickening?

Have a happy night!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visit in NC

This is Baby Lilly. And Me. And My girls. Baby Lilly is the 2 month old daughter of my very dear friend Emily. She lives in NC. I live in Texas. I am visiting NC this week. We will go back to Texas tomorrow. I always miss Emily. And now I will always miss little Lilly. Friends are hard to find. And when you find them, you want to always have them near. And we live so far apart. But we will always be together in our hearts. And we are always just a phone call away.

How cute is little Lilly?

Miss you guys already.


Dating Site Review Site and Wix

I probably won't ever create my own website, but if I did.... I would read a review of Wix, so I could make a decision whether to go with them or not. They have plans from the free plan up to 24.90 a month. The free option would be the one I started with if I ever decide to go that route.

Have you seen that commercial for one of the dating websites? I saw it just the other night.. I forget which one, but they are having some 2 week try it for free promotion, and I said to my husband.. We should do that! I said - I have been meaning to meet someone - you know, start getting out there.. I have been out of the dating scene for so long! (We have been married for 10 years!) and he said.. Yeah.. we should do that - so we could get matched with each other! Aw.. sweetie. Obviously, we were joking - no, I am not looking to date - it is hard enough to schedule date nights with my own husband! :)

Thank you, personal story segway into - This is where you need to go for the best dating websites! And maybe it was a commercial that we saw - I can't remember but - this is the place to go for a review!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is Neat.

I just mosied over to Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife and stumbled upon Follow Me Back Tuesday. Is "Mosied" a word?

Anyway - Mosey on over there, I like finding new blogs and this seems to be a great way to do it!